Pu Erh Tea Cake Preparation Ideas

Pu Erh Tea Cake Preparation. 3.3 vintage pu erh / dark teas. After rinsing the leaves once with hot water for a few seconds then discarding the water, as mentioned above to rid the tea of any.

pu erh tea cake preparation
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As with other tea categories, different types of dark tea or pu erh tea first of all arise from characteristics such as origin, terroir, (sub) variety, cultivation style and picking standard. Beeng cha is compressed into a tuocha style brick and then aged two years.

2008 Yunnan Xinghai Factory Puer Cooked Tea Menghai

Before the sunrise, fresh leaves with dew are picked. Bring spring or filtered water to approximately 212°f.

Pu Erh Tea Cake Preparation

However, at the stage of producing the cakes it undergoes a procedure called ‘wet piling’.However, while all other teas are fresh at their best, the quality and value of a dark tea grow with the years of maturing.It is a cake of high collection value.It is a relatively young cake with loads of aging potential.

It is from mengku mountain.Long yuan hao (龙园号) preparation and storage guide:Of course, you can adapt this amount to change the strength of the tea as you would like it.Often times, those consisting of 1 bud and 1 leaf or 1 bud and 2 leaves are picked.

Once you’ve determined the amount of leaves, proceed as follows:Place a basket strainer over the cup and pour the tea.Pour excess boiling water into a tea cup to heat the cup then discard the water.Rinse by covering with boiling water and quickly pour off.

Ripened (shou 熟) packaging weight:Steep leaves for 5 minutes.Strong with a bold, deep and complex aftertaste.The loose leafs are sometimes aged in bamboo.

The one i bought was stored in a tangerine peel.The only winner of loose form pu erh tea is the convenience of preparation, and also it preserves the wholeness of tea leaves.Then stick the knife inside the tea with controlled force.Then twist and elevate several times.

Watch how steeping is done from a gaiwan in the traditional chinese way:When using a cake or a brick tea, make sure that you are not damaging the leaves when you are trying to make the tea.While this tea is from yunnan, where pu erh tea is produced, the production process of moonlight white is less complex.Xiaguan tea factory is famous for tuocha, menghai tea factory, for tea cake, and kunming tea factory, for tea brick.

You should not stick your tea needle directly into the top of the tea, instead use a sideways motion in the direction of the tea flakes.