Wedding Cake Steps Weights Ideas

Wedding Cake Steps Weights. 3 of these were filled with sand and two were filled with concrete i had. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

wedding cake steps weights
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After years of design & testing, our new wedding cake step has many unsurpassed benefits. After years of design & testing, our new wedding cake step has these unsurpassed benefits:

16×32 Rectangle Gunite Indoor Swimming Pool With 7ft Spa

Anna’s got a good method. Another idea is to fill milk jugs with concrete.

Wedding Cake Steps Weights

Built in foam cushion works in conjunction with a step mat.Continue reading wedding cake pvc step for pools up to 54″ deepEach step is about 11in tall.Easy assembly in 15 minutes or less;

Easy to
climb steps with handrail.
Easy to remove.just make sure you glue the ends on well.Features of wedding cake steps;Filled them all up with sand, then carefully went back and added a second cap to each.

Fits above ground pools up to 54 inches deep;Fits pool decks up to 58” tall.Glued pvc caps to one end of each pipe.Here are the suggestions i have heard for adding weight to, and cleaning behind, these molded steps in an above ground pool.

Holds up to 50 lbs.Holds up to 50 pounds of sand.sand not included1 buy = 2 anchors!Holds up to 500 lbs.I drilled extra holes for water circulation and made some weights from 3 pvc cut 20 long and capped.

I gave up on the sand bags wrapped in plastic bags.I measured the shelf, can cut some pvc pipe to 1″ shorter then this measurement.I then placed the steps in the pool and then attached the weights under the steps using cable tie wraps.If the steps do not provide a place to put sand, make your own sandbags.

Injection molded abs offers long lasting glossy finish.Injection molded abs provides long lasting glossy finish.Install cushions for ladder legs.Integrated segmented construction offers superior strength.

Just pop up the container and fill with sand or pea gravel.Leader accessories 4pcs/pack weight bags canopy weights sand bags 30lbs/pc upgraded huge capacity.No extra weights or ballasts needed;No wading through cold water in the fall to remove weights as with blow molded steps.

No weights required to hold it down.Requires no bulky or messy sand bags, or super heavy cement blocks;Shop our majestic wedding cake steps in our ag ladders & entry steps department at royal swimming pools.Simply unhook the weights and your step comes right out.

Steps are 42 inches deep and 53 inches wide;Swimming pool steps swimming pool ladders swimming pool house pool decks above ground pool stairs pool weights pvc pool pool cake inside poolThe anchor universal weight for pool steps eliminates unstable steps;The attractive blue color blends in with your liner

The benefits of this step far surpass any blow molded step on the market.The manufacturer recommends two 50 pound bags of sand as weights in the space provided inside the bottom step but we’ve never been comfortable with that method.The rails that you attach to wedding cake steps help hold down the back end, if you need more help there, make a few more and drill small holes through the top part of the back opening and concoct a way to hang a few more.The results were not good and the steps would move around and tilt.

The thought of a bag bursting open and spilling sand into the pool gives me the shivers.They do grow algae, but so did the sand bags.This idea is a little more involved but i like it the best.This makes for a clean, easy way to weigh down the front end.

To hold the steps down try using two 50lb.Top step is 44in tall.Under the steps is a shelf for you you place weights on to weight down the staris.Use 2 for 26 steps and 3 for 36 steps.

Very easy to assemble and install.View installation manuals for majestic wedding cake steps.Wedding cake step instock this redesigned beauty has all the features you desire to make entry & exit from your pool easier and safe.Wedding cake steps exclusive features injection molded abs offers long lasting glossy finish integrated segmented construction offers superior strength will not flex or sag like blow molded or molded steps no weights.

Weighing down wedding cake steps ?Weights are not needed, the steps have a system allowing water into them to keep them from floating.Will not flex or sag like blow molded or molded steps.Will not flex or sag like other plastics.

With the easy pool step weights winter removal is a breeze;You can place two hot water bottles filled with sand on either side of the bottom step.You could fill them with concrete as well.• fits up to a 54 deep pool.

• simple, easy assembly in 15 minutes or less.• wedding cake’s glossy finish looks great and is easy to keep clean.• well ventilated design means the wedding cake will allow chemicals to circulate and reduce algae buildup.